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Anna Blocker
4 years ago
25 posts

Hi all!
I have free-form dreads in the make that are probably 6 months old now and pretty mature, they are tight and shrunken up, and haven't shrunken more in a while. They were not sectioned at all.
front and most of the sides are TnR and sectioned at random but are still where i "want" them.

I'm wondering if there are any really annoying issues with not having sectioned them? in the future when they are long and i'm doing different hair-dos will this pose an issue??

Also, I have one in the back, at the top that seems like the root section is too big, and its a flat shape and the roots are trying to turn into separate dreads, yet the body of the actual dread is together.
I'm wondering if it would be best to take it out, and section it better? or is this really just all up to how I feel about it?? I just want to avoid future issues.



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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,332 posts

sectiomning dont matter the flat rooted 1 how big is it on average (1/2 x 1 1/2 isnt too big as the average is still under tghe too big mark)

the 1 splitting at the root was probably 1 u sectioined

u can leave it be and it should self heal

and nah sectioning wont make a diferen ce in how u style em

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Anna Blocker
4 years ago
25 posts
Yeah I don't mind that it's flat, the dread it's self is rounded too. It's over 1 inch but I don't think it's over 1 1/2 inch so then it should be fine in the long run?And cool, yeah since those ones were free form they probably started off desperate and joined in early stages. Good to know it will do its own thing!Thanks!
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