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Second thoughts

Cody Harder
4 years ago
30 posts

Hiya Casey!

I just started dreading my hair, although really I'm only at the stage of having stopped combing my hair hehe. Having had dreads in the past, I remember some of what it was like, and I'm sure I have a lot ahead of me, especially since I'm going the neglect route this time.

I just posted a thread that you may like to read, it might have some pertinence for your situation. It's basically a long-winded way of saying I'm learning to love myself for how and who I am. The title says it all. Best wishes! You can do it!

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Earth Rose
4 years ago
38 posts

That is apart of the journey. Shit gets real, and quick. I think it took almost two years for my hair to start looking nice, to me and other people...for the first couple years it was a rats nest on my head that was absolutely out of control. It's a beautiful learning experience. Growing locks definitely brings up a lot for people, with strangers or even those they're close to, but I believe it's worth it.

4 years ago
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I'll explain my situation, as I am 7 months in. Actually, maybe even 8?

Anyway, the fact that I smoke cannabis gets people asking if I'm a Rastafarian. I don't smoke a lot and when I do, it is CBD rich flowers(Usually very low in THC) for medical reasons. People say "Oh, this guys a poser he's got dreads but can't handle some good purple? Shiiit. This guys a fake, just trying to act hard." That's one thing I deal with. Then I get the looks from people of African descent and I can almost hear their thoughts. "Another white guy with dreads, must be one of them Buddhists preaching peace." Some of my family are racist, and I put up with that as well. They think it's cool cause I look like a stoner. The most common response I get, living in Vallejo CA, is "Maaan, this guy tryna be black." Ironically, most if not all negative responses I get come from, like others here have said, people with artificial, or short dreads. I'd type more, but I have to leave right now. I hope you can find solace in whatever your decision.

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