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So, now I just leave em alone?? ;)So patience

Chelsea Cole
4 years ago
5 posts

I put my dreads in a week ago (started with twist & rip, man I have zero patience). So now, I leave them be, right? Lol I am simply unsure of maintenance! I'm a bit paranoid of my messy root sections crossing. Please tell me to just leave them alone! It is my nature to pick (and that is part of why I am doing this).

I do have to say, there is a tremendous freedom in this process, especially from a female perspective. It's messy-- so what? It's frizzy-- it will be. It is what is is. I love it. But I do also want to be sure I am taking the best care of my hair, my dreads, as I possibly can.

So, just wash it, let it dry, & leave it alone? How often is it recommended I go through & separate things out? And is that about all I need to do? I'm not going for perfect, just healthy :) Thanks in advance!

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Roos Nuchelmans
4 years ago
6 posts

Personally I seperate them by pulling them away from each other after I've washed them..

There isn't really "one good way" as it's different for everyone .. my hair hardly tangles up, so just keep your eye on them and you'll see how much separation is "necessary"!

Chelsea Cole
4 years ago
5 posts

Thanks! My hair is like velcro, I forsee a lot of separating in my future lol

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,192 posts

average is weekly tho some have to seperate daily

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Chelsea Cole
4 years ago
5 posts

Thanks! I'll watch & wait :)

4 years ago
12 posts

I started with t&r too and mine are almost 2 months old. My hair feels like velcro too but every day they seem to change. One day they look kind of loopy and other days not and a little looser. I think Ive had to separate 4 times total because they change so much, right when I seem to think they might need to be separated, after a washing theyre not needing to be separated. Im starting to just forget about them and live my life, which is awesome :) Patience is key (which is super duper hard) :) Good luck :)

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