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4 years ago
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Hiya. I've loved dreads for years. Over the past couple of years I'd tried both backcombing and twist and rip. the dreads fell out within a few days. My hair is fairly tangle resistant, fairly unusual for thick coarse caucasian hair. I recently came across the forum and after lurking for a week, I decided to try the neglect method. I haven't combed in 5 days, and have only washed once, with my usual diluted bronner's.

Glad to be here, hoping to learn lots about dreading and meet like minded folks!

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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welcome if thats 5 days progressa then nah dont think you'll have trouble dreading

tnr and backcomb do fall out often but then dread back up soon after

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4 years ago
3 posts


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