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5 months of just washing and separating!

Elizabeth Miller
4 years ago
12 posts

Early on I thought I'd go crazy with all the frizzies and loose hair. I was jealous of people with their perfect salon locks. But you know what? I LOVE them now. They're still crazy but they're fabulous and I wouldn't change them. I'm so glad I never gave into temptation to go get "maintenance" done! I love their crazy loops and beavertails and the funny little mini dreads that come off of the bigger ones sometimes. My only wish is that they'd get a little longer so they'd stay behind my shoulders better when I'm feeding the baby!

Picture attached, what do you think? :)

updated by @elizabeth-miller: 01/13/15 10:03:55PM
4 years ago
122 posts

Beautiful! They look great!

Jenifer J
4 years ago
42 posts

they look awesome!

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