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Just starting, would love some basic advice :)

Chelsea Cole
4 years ago
5 posts
I am beginning my dreads by neglect, & have a few selected twist & rip dreads started as well (I am Caucasian, & have wavy/curly thick hair, if any of that information is important!) I am planning on washing with BS/ACV, but am unsure of exactly how to do it properly, ha! How much should I use?Also, I have read a bit of peppermint, lavender, or rosemary essential oil diluted & sprayed on the scalp can help with irritation/dandruff. I have not yet encountered these, but anticipate I will! I have no experience with essential oils & was wondering is there any store I can walk in and purchase therapeutic strengths? I am in Dallas, so I have lots of options store-wise, just not sure where to head. I'd rather not purchase online, but if I must, I must ;)Sea salt spray? Do I need it now? Later? Ever? Lol if so, what is the best way to use it?Any tips specifically for the natural/neglect method? I am prepared to be patient ;) Wondering if any gurus have any tips or tricks!Thank you so much! I am excited to begin this path :)
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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well the bs/acv 1 part bs 10 parts water u can then add a few drops of teatree rosemary pepermint lavender whatever i want to the bvs stir pour over head wait 10 min thenb rinse

after rinsing put a spoonfull or 2 acv in same ammt water pour on then rinse right awqay

oils u can get drom any health food storew but many times they migtht not be essential oils even though they say they are

over there <---- just above the activity feed is the image link to mountain rose herbs where i get mine and really recomend

sea salts totaly unesacaryt but hjelps just domt over do it dont leave it onlong ..a couple hours then rinse weekly is plenty often enough

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Chelsea Cole
4 years ago
5 posts
Thank you so much!
Jenifer J
4 years ago
42 posts

good luck! i'm new at this myself so I don't have advice, just a follow up question to using essential oils...

if i was to make a peppermint or lavender spray with EO, what ratio should I use? should that only be done shortly before washing? can i do it whenever i feel like it? i just love the smell of lavender really...

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