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Hey everybody! (belated)

4 years ago
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Whats up guys. Im Jarred from Newport Beach, CA. Ive been posting pictures of my journey so far, but havent really posted anything about me yet, so here we go. Ive been growing my hair since i was little; i would grow it long until one day it got annoying, then buzz it all off, then grow it long again. I grew up as a christian, so knowing bible stories, i knew that hair had significance in a spiritual sense and i always preferred my hair long.

When i graduated high school in 2012 i moved to jbay, south africa to get away from the city and western society and find myself and who God is apart from doctrine and rules; something substance. Before i moved there i shaved my head and a year later i quit pulling out those little tangles in my hair that would be there after a surf. I guess i came to the realization that the hair is a part of the body like anything else. Like how 50 years ago they used to remove everybody's appendixes and tonsils, but only to find out years later that they serve an important purpose. Plus i had lived in an area in minnesota for a while where there were many native american tribes around. I learned they place heavy meaning on length of hair, things you wear in it, and how you wear your hair. And its all based on personality which is the coolest part, which is what i love most about natural dreads: individuality. Everyones hair dreads different based on hair type, how they sleep, activities they do (for example, mine are forming pretty thin because im in the water a lot so my hair is moving all over and can only really knot with hairs right next to each other.) Its like a fingerprint that everyone can see.

So here i am now, back in Cali and just trying to find my little slice of stillness in this place called babylon.

One Love,


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