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Dandruff Help!

4 years ago
11 posts
I have really bad dandraff, and I wash with baking soda. My scalp is naturally really oily so I only use the acv rinse every other wash or so. When I start itching my scalp it gets super oily, so I try not to. I was wondering if when you rinss, if the dandraff rinses out too. Because when my hair dries the dandraffs pretty much in the same place, and I have like patches. Idk what to do about it and its really annoying.
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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the bs ifd strong enough should nealy liquify the dandruff and remove it the dreadlockshampoo i find really handles the dandruff well ..better then anything

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4 years ago
11 posts
Alright thanks. I might have to buy some of that.
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