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Seven months into twist and rip/back comb and my hair looks like a mop head and not at all like dreads..

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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if regulkar sea salt 10-30 mins all u need 2 hours is a good maximum

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Zach Hersey
4 years ago
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Thanks SE!
4 years ago
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Can I ask a question on top of this last little bit... sorry Zach I'm a noob all I can say is hang in there....

I hope this doesn't come off sounding rude it's not intended to it's a genuine question of interest but with the sea salt on for an hour or so before a wash what does it achieve before being washed out and what would be the bigger picture here ... like I see it as you put it on then wash it off so I don't understand... Thanks :)

Anna Blocker
4 years ago
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Anything and everything you put in or on your body has some amount of chemical interaction. The salts effects will be present even after it is washed out. Same way you use ACV to re-balance the pH of your hair after washing it with BS because BS is basic and ACV is an acid.

-Chemistry student.

4 years ago
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Ok, because I am following this in my routine when i can remember before I wash but wasn't clear as to why... lol Like I knew not to keep it on because it may cause itchies and drying of the scalp but wasn't sure of what it would do in the small time period....

4 years ago
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I would suggest you wash you hair less often. Drier hair dreads faster in my experience

4 years ago
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That's about how my hair looked at seven months... just sayin'. :P

Check out my timeline, we have similar progress about that time. The washing and tams and stuff may help speed it up a little bit, but ultimately I truly just think it's a matter of everyone's hair dreads differently, at different speeds. Don't let it discourage you. Once you have some killer progress you will be so proud of it because of the patience you had and the amazing way it all forms that it won't even matter how long it took.

4 years ago
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Do you think you might be separating your hair more than needed at this point? Or maybe just playing with it too much? That can undo knots as well. Just a thought. I know when I started (and still), when I shampoo I scrub my scalp like crazy and squeezing the shampoo and water through my hair help to knot it up a lot. I shampoo every 2-3 days with Vicki"s shampoo and it's wonderful. Good luck and keep us posted.

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