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Backcombed then split & T&R.. just a journal & timeline

4 years ago
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I started with dreads about 15 years ago but I used KB wax & backcombed I took them out after 7month - 1 year... because the wax was vile & I couldn't get over it in the end... I didnt' use too much I never had the wax on my pillow or any of that but my hair is dark & the wax was white (before they made other colours) it just didn't work...
My husband cut them all out & that was that..
I decided to backcomb again, I watched a few youtube videos just to see what was going on & all the video's I watched they showed how to crochet them & no wax needed... oh great!!
So this was my plan.. I sent off for a couple crochet hooks (which actually arrived today 2 weeks after I started my dreads).. & I backcombed them in...
When I washed them the 2nd time I got a lot of frizz & they looked a hot mess.. where are my crochet hooks dammit!!! In my turmoil I found this site.... & as I have read many others before me did after probably a similar story.... So here I am 2 weeks later just leaving them & hoping I didn't backcomb them so crazy that they wont fall out some so they can start their natural journey...
At this point I am thinking that if by week 5 I do not have a single loop I may comb them out & just start over natural... the only reason I didn't do this when I found out about it even being possible in less than 10 because my 10 year old spent about 3 days making beads out of Fimo & he was genuinely really upset when I said I was going to start them all over.... but he will understand i'm sure but i'm going to give them a bit longer..
During, I had to section them myself I've never been very good at hair so it was really hard to do them in the back, I think my sections are going to be too big as well... this is why natural would have been better for me...
This is my 1 week ish... & I have a total of 38 dreads I don't have the front bangs or a little off to the side done though.. if I did that would probably be a total of 42..
I'm thinking I backcombed them so tight they may be hopeless I'm at approx week 2 now but i'm not going to update with pictures until week 5 which is when I've decided to make or break the backcombed locks....
Thanks for reading if you did...
Oh i've ordered some shampoo, some soap & some gel off Vicki I made a sea salt spray but i've only used it once so far.... at the mo. I'm washing them with Dr. Bronner's peppermint bar... & I'm proper neglecting them though because like I said I'm crap with hair.. so they are just basically abandoned at this point...I will try & pull them apart though but even that i'm not sure when to do without ruining them...
April 30th
It's my 3 weeks today... I've put a few pictures in my album but i'm only going to put another on
this thread when I get to week 5.
No noticeable loops yet... I am starting to worry that my hair just isnt' knotty hair... I've never got any serious knots or even semi serious knots in it since I was 4..
I got my soaps from Vicki yesterday... will start with the shampoo tomorrow?
Also got the gel.. need to figure out how to best implement it!
The last two washes I have done every 4th day with BakingSoda & a half cap of ACV.. 2 drops
teatree & my hair feels great... no itchy bits at all.... it really is working well for me at the moment..
So I may alternate with Vicki's and see how that goes...
The other thing is I havn't actually really had to leave the house too much lately so i've just left my
hair in it's natural 'state'... which it is.. tons of frizz and lots of loooseys.....
6th May 2014
Ok according to my calendar it's my 4 weeks tomorrow... however over the last day or two I've split
a lot of my dreads into smaller sections... they were 38 & now 70-72... So i'm kinda starting over
a bit.. haha
Nothing else to report at all... no itchies... nothing but pure frizz :D
Started over really after separating most all of my backcombed sections with T&R I also put
some of Vicki's locking gel on them when done..
5 Week Update (after starting over T&R)
Ok here is my 5 week update... loads of frizz crazy!!..Some have come undone.
They are kind of held together with beads... & still follow a every 4th day wash alternating between
b/s acv & Vicki's lock shampoo... No itchies or issues with that... & I have one or two epic bumps a few zig zags but they are definitely in the minority..... but at least I have a couple... :D
No shrinkage which needs to start happening hopefully as it's getting so looong....
These were taken day before wash day.

I'll do my next update at 3 months... xx
Things are going well.. still interchange between Bsoda & vinegar... then Vicki's shampoo.. wash every 3 to 4 days depending on how it feels...
I'd say about half is looping now in some way.. here's some pics ;)
hot mess in the back,, I have the front thrown over top which is why it's like that at the top...
Some Loops...

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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they should turn out fine but yea some of the sections in back do look kinda large tho 35-45 is a decent number so im guessing the front ones are much smaller?

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
4 years ago
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I think so, I counted about 13 in the back officially so the rest are on the sides... my favourite one is the one on the left side of the nape of my neck... I named it Cashew because it's Cashew shaped & it feels so amazing.. I love it... lol

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