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Jimmy DC
4 years ago
87 posts

Hey so I just realized I broke the one year mark last month, i thought it was this one but I'm happy either way haha, and most of my 12 month journey I have received a great amount of support and compliments. My family were probably the ones that were most against it, tho they are cool with it now.

But the meaning of this discussion is to focus on the good experiences we've gone through in our journeys. My hair is naturally curly, but it has been taking longer than I thought for it to dread, most of it is sectioned and there's knots and loops all over, but they just blend in with my naturally curly hair.

I get many compliments at work(cashier at Stop'n'Shop) where people are just like wow that's a lot of hair, or I love your hair, and small things like that, some women told me I should look into this company to be a model because they always have guys with crazy awesome hair like mine, it really made me laugh, but she was serious. I have realized how much those small encouraging/positive comments really have the power to brighten a person's day. I suppose a majority of people don't know that I'm growing dreadlocks and when I do mention it, then I have to explain the no brushing just washing deal to them and they think its great and a cool thing to do.

When I first started I wasn't expecting to be such a positive experience, especially when it came to others judging my ways, I expected people to be harsher and not as nice. But this year has just proven to me that although broken, people are still good and we just need to be nicer and care less and compliment a stranger because it really does brighten their day and its such a small thing to do that we can all do.

Well just a random discussion, has anybody had similar things happen to them in their dready journey

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,526 posts

ive had so much positive support over the years

i too was told i should model i was hitchhiking around stopped to make a call (when phone booths still existed) and as i left the phone booth a woman hops out of a car and tells me shes a modeling agent and wants me to be in a show

many weeks later i gave her a call ..figuring why not give it a she says she wants me to come to a fitting for a tux for5 a wedding fashion show

so i went i get there and the guy doing the fitting calls her up then tells me they dont need me

so the next day i get a call from her and she says something like "i loved your look and your hair, but i didnt think youd do that again" like she thought it was something i did just for the

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
4 years ago
41 posts
I've been getting a lot of positive feedback recently, specifically about out my dreads (my hair does already draw a lot of attention because of the colors) but I'm one of those people who don't like to "comeout" about stuff I'm doing. If i get a new tattoo i don't post it all over social media or even tell anyone, I just do it. If they see it, then they do. This isn't about attention but its nice when people I share my life with take an interest and respond positively.
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