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Want to re-do your dreadlocks?! I am Re-doing my 1.5 Year old Dreadlocks!

mikayla roman☯
4 years ago
13 posts

I have had my dreadlocks for about a year and a half now. And I have decided i wanted to start this summer off with a brand new set of beautiful dreadies even better than these! Mine are all different shapes and sizes some are a lot more dense and mature than others.

I have tried searching for advice on the internet and have had no luck! I refuse to use conditioner because I make all of my own stuff so I am strictly using oils to lubricate my hair. I have been using different butters such as hemp seed and almond butter. And various oils such as jajoba, coconut, and olive oil.

I am preserving my length and quantity as much as possible and what I have done is basically lubricate the hair and picked my hair apart. So far I have lost honestly barely any hair!

Many have said "if you brush out your dreadlocks your hair will be extremely short and fried you might as well cut it" I have been growing my hair out for years now, and I can tell you my hair is down to my belly button undreaded and passed my breast dreaded up! So far undreading my hair.. It is stronger, longer, softer, and healthier than it has ever been in my life! Do not listen to people who haven't gone through these methods!

Coconut oil has been my best friend because it strengthens your hair while conditioning and causing lubrication between the knots. My advice to you is soak your dreadies in very very warm water, heat up your coconut oil and soak them and then either pull them apart or brush them. I refuse to brush because I want to lose the least amount of hair as possible!


I love you all and good luck on your dread lock journeys! <3

updated by @mikayla-roman: 01/13/15 10:03:16PM
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