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dandruff HELP!

Laura Annalina
4 years ago
8 posts
I know I really need to post some updated pictures abd I promise I will if I can figure it out on my phone anyway I'm eleven months in. Living my hair more every day. I just realized that some of my dreads around the crown of my head have a lot of dandruff in them. It's absolutely disgusting and I obviously need to do a better job at scrubbing my scalp, but what do I do to get the flakes out? Is there something that well dissolve the flakes? What dip I use to treat this scalp condition that won't hurt my dreadies? Can I wash with something like head and shoulders safely? I know this is so yucky, I'm sorry. Any advice would be greatly appreciated friends! Thank you much!
updated by @laura-annalina: 01/13/15 10:03:09PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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its not yucky its something most dreadies deal with

1 no do not use head and shoulders

2 stop using hot water

3 the teatree rosemary bar or

the baking soda acv method with teatree and rosemary

baking soda does disolve it into a paste wich washes away as long as u mix it the right wayt

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