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Bets way to start the twist and rip method?

simon trimble
4 years ago
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Hey guys! So Im extremely new to dreading,my hair is a mess right now and I have no idea where to start. So I was wondering..

Whats the best way to start the twist a rip method?

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Amanda Clouse
4 years ago
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The BEST way is to let your hair completely section naturally first! Let your hair tell you what's comfortable. Forced sectioning can cause major issues! I know from experience. If you decide after a couple of weeks that you still want to use the twist and rip starter method, then you can start that way.

I personally would start in the front, but it is all up to the individual. Grab a section and gently twist and rip. There are online tutorials on how to do the technique. Be very gentle. If it is too tight, it will actually take longer or completely prevent the dread from maturing!

You may need help with the back, or just be careful and feel around to make sure you have the sections correct. Pull the section straight out and feel around the roots...make sure you aren't forcing sections that don't belong together. Make sure the sections are comfortable...that is very important!

Some sections will be thin, some will be thicker, but try to make sure the sections aren't bigger than 1 square inch (the section doesn't have to be a literal square!) Dreadlocks naturally vary in size and shape....just go with how your hair decides to section. This is very important.

I had to comb mine out after one year because I was too impatient to let my hair section! Now, I am back to the beginning because I couldn't wait a couple of weeks for natural sectioning! I am letting most of my hair loc up naturally this time, though.

I used to think t&r would make things easier...that I would have 'control' over the sections and size. NOPE! If some hair is forced into a section it doesn't belong, it will eventually try to split from that section. Then you end up having sections your hair would have naturally intended after all! So, I can't emphasize more that it really is worth letting your hair completely section naturally FIRST! :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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once natural sections form y can let them dread naturally or twist a section (not real tight) then split it randomly (dont split it in 1/2 in the same place each time 1 time 1/4-3/4 next 1/3-2/3 etc random as possible ) pill the splut parts away from eachother pushing knots towards the roots put it back together split in a whole new spot pull put together splirt randomly puill adfter 10-15 splits retwist (again randomly noy every 10 but random) it will taqke several pullt to get any knots forming at the base and probably wont be tight to the scalp (thats fine if the knots are an inch or more from the scalp) once base knots form it will go quicker

your techniwque will improve as u get used to it so start with ones underneath that are more hidden since the 1st couple mate more braidy looking till u get the hang of randomizing its ok if some split n pills have 95% of the hair in 1 hand only a pinch of hair in the other..the more u get away from 50% splits the less braidy it looks

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

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