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Healing Crystal Dread Beads!

Rheana Hayes
4 years ago
26 posts

I've scoured Ebay and Etsy and found that there are very few options for wraps and beads that include healing crystals!

As an energy healer at the beginning of natural hair, I've decided not to use metals in my hair as they can absorb and hold onto negative energies. Healing crystals can transmute that energy. Cleansing crystals of negative energy is far easier than cleansing metals. As a healer I expected to easily rid my house of negativity that was attached to an antique iron table set I acquired. Something not good had come in with those tables, and it was causing me to be very scared for no apparent reason every time I walked down my hallway toward them and especially at night. I went into healing mode quickly and confidently, gathered my resources and got to work. I quickly found that the blessings, chants, prayers, sage, pranic cleansing, and other methods I used to shield and clean up the space had not diffused the negative vibes that filled the living room, rather they exacerbated the problem. The metal itself HAD to be physically scrubbed with salt water and sprayed with lavender/alchohol spray (an energy cleanser I picked up from Pranic Healing classes) for three days on top of the other cleansing and energy work I had done. When the energy is absorbed by the metal, it becomes stuck and even amplifies. The spiritual methods may have been more effective had I treated the metal with salt baths and lavender spray beforehand. Point being, energy goes into metal and it stays until you put concentrated effort into diffusing it. I don't want my own crappy ego issues and the depressions that come with spiritual growth to get stuck in my hair. I wanna purge my body of it and keep it out of my aura. It's true that crystals hold energy, however when crystals absorb more negative energy than they can handle they will break naturally and are very easily cleansed and charged through simple mindful intention.

Without the metal element, I have only found maybe two shops that sell healing crystal beads, either handmade, or sewn onto peyote sleeves. Does anyone know where I can get some beads or wraps made with healing crystals?

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4 years ago
36 posts

I make all kinds of dread accessories... I have even included crystals in some of my designs. Do you have a photo of something similar to what you would like? Do you want a healing crystal wrap completely metal free including wire to secure the crystal? What materials would you like to see? Perhaps I can make you something custom. :)

I love a good creative challenge :)

Rheana Hayes
4 years ago
26 posts

Awesome! I will check out your etsy site, dear. I am gonna wait a bit (maybe a couple paychecks) before I order anything, but yeah, I'm looking for a neat wrap completely metal/wire free, including crystals of my choice. I have had one girl on etsy make me a wrap similar to a crocheted ring with smaller crystals tied into it. She makes the rings and I just asked her to extend it the length of a finger and about the width of a pencil. My hair isn't dreading yet ( -.-;; patience, young padoine), but I imagine when the pieces do separate they will be pretty small. I will definitely be hitting your shop up with a custom order as soon as I have a little extra funny money.

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