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Off topic rant. Need to vent...I swear I got the heart of Buddah and Dracula combined...

Rude Bwoy
4 years ago
40 posts

That was deep =D. And yeah humans think that we run the planet/universe. It saddens me when I see someone I know is better then that, and able to think things through the right way, acting like a moron.

>:O I always tell people we should be living with nature, going with the flow. Rather then battling against it to live how we think is cool. I honestly don't think things like cars should exist, lol. I wish I was alive back in mid evil times.

NaturalDreads01 said:

Maann.. You aren't letting these things affect you too much, you are just realizing they aren't affecting others as much as they should! Man, the last time I noticed I killed a bug(which, I killed on accident) I felt such a deep sorrow. (I know that sounds extreme, but it is what it is lol) People just don't have any damn respect for other living things anymore. They think that just because they are humans they can dictate what lives and what dies, because somehow they got the status of being above the rest of nature. It's screwed up. Even carnivores don't kill just to kill, unless they have some type of chemical imbalance.. They kill whatever they need for their meal, and after that, another animal could walk right by the carnivore and they won't even look twice, unless the other animal is trying to eat its catch/meal or the carnivore feels threatened. These people that are trying to kill a dog for defending it self just shows you how attached they are to "themselves". Too busy trying to put on a show, because they are scared of who they truly are. It's this attitude that will have a man to never know true self love, so he continues to project hate, for this is what he ultimately has for himself.

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4 years ago
172 posts

Haha, yeah. I believe people will find their way.. And if not, people will eventually be forced back to nature. Who know's how this will occur, but nature is a lot more intelligent than what people give it credit for. I could go so deep into this, but I just don't know if I have the energy right now hahaha.

4 years ago
47 posts

This really tugs at my heart. The bigger idea is telling me, and likely many others who read this delicate experience, that "Humans suck." Now I know what that service dog's vest was saying. Shit.

4 years ago
58 posts
This is why I'm not having kids. I don't want them to deal with this world. Seriously though, call the cops on that mofo. You have to do something and not just watch it happen.
Little Wing
4 years ago
41 posts
Wow, this was... I have no words.As everyone has said,I hope you looked for a shelter for the dog or even in some cases, in the country side there are farmers who usually need the protection of that kibd of dogs and always take them, and they for sure have a better life there in comparison of being in smaller places.I hope everything went well. And I know sometimes life it's hard, but try to be strong and don't let them get you. To me is kinda sad to see how people and situations make people turn cold or empty, so don't let that happen, don't let anyone or anything shut you down. Be yourself and always do the right thing and you're always will be ok.
Amanda Clouse
4 years ago
54 posts

I couldn't read anything after you said, "Of course she is a woman so..."! I'm not interested in reading something by a sexist.

4 years ago
108 posts

"Of course, she is a woman so she thought it would be a good idea to get another dog to raise, and eventually discard like unwanted trash."

Yeah, Amanda, I agree with you. Rude Bwoy, I understand you're frustrated and you have a valid reason to be upset, but there was absolutely no reason to put a sexist comment like that in your rant.

Amanda Clouse said:

I couldn't read anything after you said, "Of course she is a woman so..."! I'm not interested in reading something by a sexist.

Athena G
4 years ago
12 posts

This was posted over a month ago, so I'm more interested in finding out how the situation was resolved.

I understand in extreme stress things can come out that aren't meant, but you might consider editing your post to exclude the woman and "FAGGOT" bashing. REALLY do not appreciate those types of derogatory statements, and it hurts your message. Unless you really believe things like that. But then, that's a rant for another thread.

Truly, I hope the situation was resolved without tragedy...

Jimmy DC
4 years ago
87 posts

The guy was clearly mad and frustrated at the situation. Of course he'll generalize stuff and well it doesn't really matter. 'Of course I'm a guy and that's the way we(men) deal with things'... Doesn't really mean much other than annoyance and a generalization. He, is probably not sexist or homophobic at all, just a 'sexist' and homophobic comment slipped out due to the woman in this situation acting irrationally and the word 'faggot' and 'gay' not meaning much in the y generation. Words really don't mean much, no reason to get offended by them, specially if they are used for emphasis or due to anger. My opinion

Amanda Clouse
4 years ago
54 posts

If he said instead, "and of course she's black so blah blah...", it wouldn't be acceptable. Even though he is angry, there would be NO excuse for racism. Well, I feel the same goes for sexism. I would never make a generalization about men, even when mad, because I don't think that way. Excusing it because he is peeved at his sister is not a valid and acceptable excuse in my opinion.

Speaking as if all women are like that was an unnecessary inclusion in his post and the point, I am assuming, he is trying to get across (I did stop reading after the sexist sentence).

He has the freedom to feel however he wants about women, but when posting ignorant remarks like that, he should expect backlash from people who are bothered by said ignorance.

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