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8 month natural dreads- need encouragement!

Elizabeth Tyler
4 years ago
9 posts
I think they look great!! And I bet they will only get better as they grow longer!!!
updated by @elizabeth-tyler: 07/22/15 12:08:06PM
4 years ago
36 posts

I just got done playing music for a bunch of "homeless people," today. They are not all frowsy and unkempt people. However I understand the connotation that you are receiving about your hair. I think that people are just jealous of your hair. I know I am. I think your dreads look great! What's wrong with being "Stubby" LOL. They will grow out in time. Patience, you will see. Those people that don't encourage you are the turds. :-)

Lauren Maxwell
4 years ago
19 posts

Hey your hair looks great! How are you feeling about it today?

UrbanHippie said:

So here is a picture of my "homeless person" dreads as that person so elegantly put it.

updated by @lauren-maxwell: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
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