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split ends

Nicole Schaefer
10 years ago
70 posts

I haven't had a trim in about a year now. im almost six months into my natural journey. The back is all mostly dreaded but the sides haven't really knotted up. The ends of my hair is has a lot of split ends maybe 2 inches up. I have a lot of diff layers but over all my hair is probably about 12-14 inches long..I know when having normal hair (unknotted) split ends need to be cut for the hair to grow healthy.. I'm curious if this will halt my neglect progress and/or will make my hair grow slower?

I am not even sure how I could trim them properly without brushing my hair... which I don't want to do. Should I even worry about split ends? Will they eventually just be sucked up into the dread and my roots will be growing healthy?

Love and light to you all

Hope everyone is having a beautiful day!


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Laura Earle
10 years ago
233 posts

I honestly haven't even thought about split ends since my decision to dread. But if they're really, really bothering you, there's probably nothing wrong with giving your dreads a bit of a trim.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
29,629 posts

just leave em they are caused by brushing they need to be trimmed while brushing so brushing doesnt make it worse

since your not brushing they shouldnt matter and will suck in

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