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Dread sectioning questions

10 years ago
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Okay so, just a little back story. I started this journey somewhere from March to April. Don't remember. But I started free form from bald and I had a blog post about beanies and tams and stuff because my hair was a mess.

Anyways, I let it grow for months until September, in which I got SUPER curious and decided to comb it out and see how long it was. Since then, I haven't touched it. I just wash it with Kirk's Castile bar soap. I recently bought an aloe plant and a rosemary plant so I'm either going to combine the bar with the rosemary and aloe or just wait until I'm done with the bar and start the rinse.

Now my question is, my dreads separated themselves and the top of my head is kind of bald ish. I think it's from them separating but I just wanted to know if more dreads will grow in the spots. Here's a picture.

I mean I have so many of them, so I'm not complaining or anything because they're so healthy and thick and that's all I can ask for but I was just curious seeing as I've never been through this process before. I just hope it's not like that because my shower or anything I'm doing wrong.

Thanks in advance!

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10 years ago
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had you ever worn braids or twists for long periods?

it looks alot like the issues you get from twisting or interlocking

but if your freeforming that shouldnt happen unless it was a pre existing condition?

if thats the case keep tension off the scalp massage the scalp daily with oils like pepermint maybe cinimon

look through jay simmons and panterras discussion on twisting damage for what oils she suggested

biotin too u want to stimulate bloodflow to the scalp

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10 years ago
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Nope never had twisties or braids. I had cornrows for a couple months when I was 9 but that's it. The rest of my life, I either have an afro or it's cut.

I've been taking biotin for about 3 weeks now. I know you said it takes 3 months to kick in so I'm being patient.

Thanks SE!

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