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First post, 4 week dreads!!!

10 years ago
2 posts

So this is my first post here and I'm really keen to see what you all think of my progress so far! I've been wanting to dread for a while so 4 weeks ago i finally decided to just leave my hair to do its thing....obviously with a little help as i usually wake up with about 10 really big clumps where all my sections have intertwined!! The photo with the guitar is before and the rest are after.

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Nicole Schaefer
10 years ago
70 posts

Looking great so far man! Looks like your hair was just waiting to be dreaded : )

Shane Northern
10 years ago
59 posts

Awesome Possum :D

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
29,629 posts

wow fast progress but yea you will have to seperate very often since it will want to dread fast into big dreads

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Allison Ruthless
10 years ago
19 posts

Hiiiiiii :). I'm new too.

You have the perfect head for dreads, lucky you !! And they're gonna be awesome aand kinky curly too, I'm jealous :D idk if you're going for the super natural messy look, but my advice would be to section them off and give them each a light twist, or maybe tie a little piece of string around the base of each (which would help to keep them separated but might be difficult to get out lol) it's hard to keep them from knotting together and becoming a hot mess with super curly hair.

That all depends on what you want though. I'm anal. It was really difficult for me to convince myself not to section my head in perfect squares... I mean I'm glad I didn't, but the sheer disorder of it all nearly drove me insane. More power to you if you want or are able to let them do their own thing!!

10 years ago
2 posts
Thank you all, my hair seems to be made for dreads!! Thanks for the advice, I think I'm just gonna leave em to do their own thing. The sections seemed to have become a lot more defined, about 3 times a day I'll just go through em and make sure nothing crazy is happening. My first 2 weeks I was so bad I was actually stopping the dreads from forming, one of the sections I'd missed on the back became pretty big(I'm holding it up in one of the photos)it looks as if it's gonna be at least 2 inches. After finding that I kinda just relaxed into letting them do their own thing. As my mom put it, she's very supportive, "you're like a parent, you let them do their own thing but step in when you're needed"
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