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5 years ago
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Just out of long can I keep a wrap in my hair without it doing damage or just needing to be changed? I watched a few videos on YouTube about how to put them in and they poked a hole in the top of the dread to tie the knot so it doesn't slide out. Is this ok? I used the X pattern wrap

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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no dont poke holes in dreads just tie it round the base

the x patterns arent meant to last

if u do a proper wrap they can last years mu longest was in around 5 years or more

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5 years ago
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Thanks Eagle! I've had mine in about a month but the loops are poking through so much that they look bent in places. Time to re do I guess. I was afraid to put it on too tight since I'm still in the process. 5th month. I poked a hole.....oops. I'm glad I asked

Laura Earle
5 years ago
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Is the "X" pattern where you criss-cross the ends as you work your way down the dread? I did a wrap like that about a year ago -- inserted it through the top of the dread and criss-crossed it all the way down. It hasn't budged, and there's no mold or icky stuff. Maybe the trick is to not wrap it too tightly...if hair is poking out, then you may have kinda choked it or something, haha.

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