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3.5 months, little progress

5 years ago
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hows it going? i had a few questions concerning the progress or my lock situation. i started at the end of may, no combing, no conditioner, only wash every 2-3 days. i am seeing very little progress as i wanted to go the natural route, not sure if i am being impatient or that my hair is too straight, maybe even the way i dry my hair after i wash it is slowing progress or what i was with, i think irish spring bar soap idk it was the cheapest i found. a friend told me he did the same thing and his hair dreaded out nicely although he lived in an area by the ocean. maybe a the salt water exposure helped? should i towel dry my hair scrubbing the scalp or just wrap my head up, or let it just air dry? when i wash it do i need to scrub or just put the soap in and rinse it out leaving my hair how it is when it first gets wet? any help would be appreciated, i do plan on getting the shampoo as soon as possible. thanks for your time

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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dont use irish

dont scrub well if u do only the sc alp not hair dont towel dry..air dry dont wrap em up just shake and go

use a dread soap like (best) or the baking soda recipe found here (no touch method)

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5 years ago
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sums it up haha :) but goodluck Patrick, and yea ocean salt im sure helped out ur friends dreads lol dont give up if u really want dreads:) peace b with u

5 years ago
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thank you for the response! i got some stuff today to hopefully get this rolling. i will post pictures as it progresses. thanks again soaring eagle and jazzy you guys are awesome!

Nicole Schaefer
5 years ago
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You can do a sea salt spray! just get some sea salt at a store and mix with water in a spray bottle. spray in hair like 30 minutes before a shower! just make sure to get salt without iodine :)

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