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Another summer comes o an end...

Kubilay KAPUCU
5 years ago
76 posts

THIS IS NOT DREAD RELATED! another summer comes to an end and its been so productive for me. ive learned so much about myself and grew as a humanbeing! first of all i started my dreads. not knowing why I started them,after my first month a found a good reason so thats a plus i think. ive started my dreads to learn how to be patient and be in peace with me because i knew id get alot of bad comments and so i have.i've learnt to take all the crtisizm like a man and agree that not everyone has to like me.

secondly, we rented this house in Bodrum, a highly touristical place in Turkey popular by both the Turks and Europians. there.i met a girl names Basak (spike blossom is the name translated in to english). we got closer and closer and the last 6 days we started dating. she was a different girl, not so beautiful but attractive to me. the reason why she was different was because she didnt react like any other girl i know let say when I hold her hand. although she liked me too she pulled her hand away when i tried to hold it away. i learned later that she didnt like to be physical (not in a sexual way, just physical like me holding her hand). this was good for me because i learned how to act around people like her.

i didnt know she wasnt in to being physical so i thought she didnt like me the way i liked her so i became a bit depressed but finaly had the guts to pull her away from our group of friends and talk to her without and barriers. I asked her if she liked me or not and when she said she did i asked her why we werent dating. long story short she told me that there were things she didnt like about me, for example my jelousey. i promised her that i could change for her because i belived that every relationship is an oportunity to grow as a person (ofcourse when the thing you are changing is a bad trait of yours). in the end i did change. i became more relaxed and calm. so the second thing i learnt was talking with some one openly and as true as possible. also ive learnt to take responsability for someone or something.

ive made great friends and a lovely girlfriend. although we arnt dating now because we are in diffrent cities, i go to see her from time to time and we've agreed to continue our relationship from where it left off as soon as she and i have the time to do so.

so this summer has been awsome for me! ive met new people, i started my dreads and found a reason to do so.

i want to learn about your summer too! how was it? and changes you have found within your self after this3 month time period?

thanks if you read all the way through, and if you havent still thank you :)!

updated by @kubilay-kapucu: 01/13/15 09:57:22PM
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