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Hair lengthening shampoo?

Rafael Rodriguez
5 years ago
41 posts

Well thicker hair doesn't sound bad. My theory is that just as what chemicals you put on your hair that can have a negative impact, there are other things than you can put that will have a positive impact. I have been researching about these shampoos and while I don't have evidence other than testimonials about the hair growth, I know that regardless, they do have other ingredients that are good for the hair so if the hair is healthier and break less then that affects positively hair growth as regardless of the rate of growth, you will retain your length instead of losing some due to breakage and such.

But yes, the best way is to start with the inside, but the outside is also important. I have been trying to eat healthier, and in case I cant, then keep the junk to a minimum as these changes are gradually unless you are stuck on an island and only have organic food instead of junk food restaurants to mess up your diet.

So in my humble opinion, if you find a good shampoo that doesn't have harsh chemicals then try it. After all, the minimum requirements for locs is keep them clean, even separating is optional.

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