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So I started the Neglect/Natural method!

5 years ago
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Hello! I'm Antoin.

I have been debating getting dreadlocks for a long time now because my hair is already long and I was getting bored of just having it straight all the time. This website convinced me to start and provided me with all information I needed to know to begin my journey. I thought I might as well start now while I'm young! I am seven days in at the moment and I just had my first baking soda/acv wash. Here are a few photos (nothing special of course, I just wanted to have some sort of comparison down the line!

I look forward to continuing my journey over the next few years and I am excited to see how people react and was also wondering if anyone had any stories about starting out and people's reactions because I am prepared to look like a cave man for the next 2/3 years before the dreads form!

Thanks again for this wonderful site!

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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cave men are cool

seems like it should dread fairly quickly just enjoy the reactions both positive and negative

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Ojas Acharya
5 years ago
173 posts

Welcome to the community and have a great dreadlock journey ahead. Good luck :)

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