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Hello :3

Erika Lenne
5 years ago
5 posts

Hello, my name is Erika and im 20 years old. I been having dreads for about 5 months. I had started getting neglected dreadlocks at April last year and they didnt work well, the bottom hair at shoulders were really tight but hair at top of my head were really messy. I was ok with it but then at January i added way too much shampoo that washed out almost all of my dreads. Those who left tight i saved but rest had to comb out. I taught of starting it all neglecting but i saw that with rip and twist i would be able to control the thickness of dreads. Right now my dreads are all loopy and fuzzy. It make me angry cause theres nothing i can do about the lose hairs. My family hates my dreads, my mom bought me comb as a joke for my birthday. My friend said that id be a cute girl if id "fix" my hair. My hair is my freedom, if i lose my locks, it means im losing my freedom from this greedy and selfish world. No way im getting rid of them. I wanted to share some pictures i made. I couldnt make picture of my back.

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Simone Mefford
5 years ago
5 posts

Hey Erika! I am 44 years old...just started my dreads 2 months ago. Really lucky I found this site because I did back combing and then the twist and rip method. Glad I found this site before I made the same mistake with the whole waxing and using crappy shampoos...but hang in there...yer dreads will smooth out. I am told mine will too.

As for family, mine is less than supportive too. They laugh at me and tell me I am ruining my hair. I tell them it my hair and I'll do with it whatever I damned well please. You march to the beat of a different the rest of us here. Be proud. Like you my dreads is my way of keeping a freedom from the so called 'civilized world'. ;)

5 years ago
174 posts

Wow! You and your dreads are beautiful! I hope that your journey continues to go well for you :) My family hates dreads as well (except my step dad :]), but They'll get use to it if you plan to have them for a very long time :) Just dont sweat the small stuff! All that matters is your happiness. :)

5 years ago
11 posts

welcome erika, hope you can learn important stuff from this site and dont pay attention what your family or friends says, that always happens... but i must be disagree with you in certain thing, the freedom must be in your heart and soul, locks at the end of the day will always be just hair, never lost your freedom either with or without dreads, cheers and peace

Ojas Acharya
5 years ago
173 posts

Hi there, loops, bumps, zigzags are only a part of the process. Whether u go natural or twist n rip or backcomb your dreads will always form crazy shapes until they reach maturity.. Enjoy these loops because its a part of the journey, it only means you are moving ahead in the process. These loops and shapes are actually so much fun and they add interest to your dreadies. There is nothing you need do about them, they will even out slowly.

As for the loose hair why are you worried about them..? loose hair will always be there. It only means that you are having new hair growth.. Now isn't that a good thing? The loose hair will eventually knot up and be a part of other already formed dreads, or if the section is big enough on its own it will form a new dread all together when the hair length is suitable enough.. Only patience is what u need. Your dreads are very good btw. Have fun :)

Erika Lenne
5 years ago
5 posts

Thank you all, i hope i learn a lot of stuff from here, also find cool ppl to talk to :3

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