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Repressed Sexuality

Jayke Watson
5 years ago
118 posts

What is it with modern society and being so damn touchy on things to do with sex in some situations but not others? Here in Australia we have lingerie stores with pictures of girls in nothing but a bra and some undies that are nearly 3 meters tall in our shopping centers (malls) yet an ad got removed from television for saying the word 'vagina' on air? It was basically an ad talking about liners or something for hygiene and it got so many complaints it was removed! This is freaking ridiculous. Why does it matter if someone says vagina, leg, shoulder, finger, penis or anything? Why do people walk around pretending that everybody doesn't have sex? When did masturbation become a shameful act? Why is public nudity so illegal? I'm just sick of it and having a rant.


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,585 posts

its because public nudity is so illegal that sexuality is so repressed

oh and religions dont help

do you want to know the real reason terrorists from muslim countries want us dead?

because they cant stop masterbating now (remember bin laden wa caught watching porn masterbating and the terrorists that hijacked the 911 planes were in a strip club the night b4) ive talked to many muslims that say they cant stop masterbating ever since western culture leaked in and women started dressing more casualy showing ankles even knees

in fact i get random muslims contact me saying "thers something wrong with my penis" (no hello thats the 1st thing they

because they cant even talk to thier parents or even drs about basic health issues they go to random strangers on the net

christianity isnt much better look at preists who are forced into celibacy only to go around molesting and raping alterboys

the more taboo we make it the more perverse we become here i want to share with u something i wrote awhile back

in the beginning there was the breast, bare and beautiful, and the breast did say, let there be a protrudance upon me, let it be of many shapes and hues, and upon tat breast appeared a nipple and it was good
a simular nipple apeared on the lowliest of creatures who possessed no breasts who fell to their knees to worship the newly adorned breast
for weeks even months all work stopped all only stared in awe..and slowly starved, till a shadow fell over the breast concealing the sacred nipple releasing te spell
from that momment on it was known to have the power to destroy the world so must be hidden from view forevermore. the people were angered going to great lengths for a glorious glimpse.
the longer it was hidden the more it was sought after,
the nipple had changed the world forever

ok that was silly but we give te nipple power, by hiding it we make it sought after. men have nipples but can bare tem publicly females ave nipples on breasts, but can bare the entire breast except the nipple
this alows te female nipple to be very powerful.

the book of revelations
and lo it did come to pass that the devine areola became revealed upon the masses freely and without shame..
the people looked onto it in wonder and awe, but soon became bored, areola were everywhere, of every possible description, but no longer were tey powerful, no longer sougt ..instead they just were..

a single drop of water catches a rainbow in such exquisite beauty, but 1 drop in an ocean olds no more mystery

a starving man may desperately seek food, but a man with abundant food may lose all hunger.

why do governments and religions give te nipple so much power by insisting on its concealment?

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My dreads are over 9 feet long

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Jayke Watson
5 years ago
118 posts
Haha I like that nipple story I'll have to remember it but yeah it's just frustrating that everyone can't just realise that absolutely everyone has all the same bits and bobs and they're all beautiful
5 years ago
26 posts

Damn it Eagle, I was going to have a nice long rant on religions use of shaming sex to help promote guilt which they then use to manipulate their followers for their own goals, but then I figured I would nice and not bash something many people seem to like.

And then you went and did it anyway.

My Hat is off to you, good Sir.

Anna Blocker
5 years ago
25 posts

LOL Wow, that was impressive...for a moment i was actually going "yeah this guy has a serious mental disorder" hahaha! Awesome rant guys.
Yeah ill never understand it. I go to a school thats very much a "hippy" school and its not uncommon to see ladies, or guys for that matter, walking the halls in the nude, headed to the bathroom or showers etc. And no one really questions it...Which I think is awesome. The only comment made by RA's was that it might be best to keep it on the vague side because 1, you dont know someone elses past and what might "trigger" some sort of feelings of past abuse, and 2, you never know when a random adult, parent, worker etc may be in the building rather than the class mates you know and trust.

I for one love my body and I wouldn't have a problem with it being exposed as I dont find that shameful, but at the same time I choose to keep certain things between me and special to me people.
Btw, after I got my nipples pierced for my own personal aesthetic reasoning, I had this insane urge to just show everyone I know how awesome my amazing blinged out nipples are xD that was a first, but seriously, it was bad, like first two months it was all i could think about, sharing the awesomeness that was my nipple rings....haha

But really, i think people who are predators will always be sick individuals regardless, and apart from that i really cant seem to come up with a reason why we are all so ashamed of our bodies as a society and why the human body is such a taboo thing. Its just flesh and shapes just as anything else in life, why are we the only animals who are banned from having our bodies exposed? There certainly are no laws keeping dogs from humping on the neighbors front lawn...Why shouldn't I be able to? I'm prettied damned sure people would rather see ME doing that than the dog...and why does desire to view something appealing make it wrong?

Honestly im surprised there is no law about wearing a bra, but mostly I just dont feel like wearing clothes some days and I find myself being pissed at people who blame ME for their inability to take any responsibility for their own impulse control issues so much so that its MY job to make sure they aren't offended by my nudity when THEY look at ME. Just don't look you idiot. My tits didn't call your name.

Funny, nudity was made "dirty" by the same sickos who got off raping farm stock (ie sheep etc,) yet I dont seem to remember them making sheep or "naked" reared sheep taboo or illegal or scandalous....

Ok done ranting...

Jayke Watson
5 years ago
118 posts
Fully agree with everything there, I'd love to go to a school where I don't have to get fully dressed up just to run between the change rooms and my locker if I forget something and exactly! People say it infringes on their right to walk around without seeing naked people DON'T LOOK! YOU'RE INFRINGING ON MY RIGHT TO BE NAKED!
Anna Blocker
5 years ago
25 posts

Hahaha exactly!! No one has power or control over anyone or thing but their own bodies, so why do we spend so much of our time attacking others for our own lack of self control?? how is it my fault when someone else can't trust or control their own thoughts?

Tara C
5 years ago
645 posts

Agree. The thing with public nudity makes sense though, because we live in a society where everything is sexualised, yet at the same time, sex and all things to do with sex or the human body is shameful and embarrassing. So we live in a society where people being naked isn't such a casual thing, and therefore it makes people uncomfortable, where in other socieities it doesn't. But I agree with you; people should be more than used to the word vagina, it isn't a sexual word, it's a body part. It's not like the ad was talking about something taboo, it's a HEALTH thing. I see ads about erectile dysfunction all the time, but god forbid female hygiene and sexual health get any air-time lol.

But yeah, I'm a victim of the "nakedness is bad!" society, because I would never walk around naked, haha.

☮ jimmy ✝
5 years ago
25 posts

Media in the US is pretty liberal.

Personally, I don't think there is a "repressed sexuality" here and in other western countries for that matter; in fact, I believe we have a rather free sexuality in the US. But I figure if you don't want to see something, don't look at it. However, I think that sex in advertizing is relegating something sacred to the rubbish bin.

Sex is wonderful gift of God. As a Lutheran, I have strong beliefs about sexuality. In fact, Martin Luther recognized the hypocrisy of Monks and forced celibacy, one of the reasons he began the movement that would later be associated with his name. In the East, Christian priests are free to marry, and there is no such man-mad rule as forced celibacy; this was an abuse of the Roman Church; all Luther wanted was to make the catholic Church start acting like catholics!

For me, things are different; I'm one of the "weird ones" who feel no desire or need for sex. Martin Luther always emphasized that some do have a genuine gift of chastity, but most do not (which is a good thing, otherwise some of us might never have been born!). Even Jesus Christ said that few can accept such a life: he did not intend to force his apostles and disciples to live a life of celibacy unless they had the gift of chastity.

I count chastity a gift. Others would say I am asexual or non-sexual. Whatever you want to call it, I know I am in the minority. But as Christian, I believe it to be a gift, and that sexuality does have some boundaries as written in Die Heilge Schrift, or Holy Scriptures. But those same sacred Scriptures also elevate sex and family life as something holy--equally or even more holy than celibacy--so long as it is in accord with the Word of God, Den Hellige Skrifter.


Anna Blocker
5 years ago
25 posts
Yeah really! Was playing frisbee and go figure it hit me dead on it the nipple just so it hit the flesh against the metal lol owwww but yeah I got rings because of friends telling me how often their bars got caught. I also gained a "boob block" reflex much like how men block themselves from being wracked lol but yeah totally was committed to making sure it was worth the pain hahah. Very much wanted to scream MY NIPPLES HAVE RINGS from a roof top or something hahaha
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