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Two Year Dreadiversary :)

Tara C
5 years ago
645 posts

I completely forgot that the 6th marked my two-year dreadiversary. In fact, I actually thought it was the 11th, so I've missed it twice lol. I was meant to make a video, but the date slipped my mind. Anyway, so here's a late post about it :) it's been a long journey. The first few months were full of impatience and the usual "Oh no, loose hair!" and so on, but I got through it with the IMMENSE help from many members here. Then I learnt to stop looking at them in the mirror, and the rest of the first year went by smoothly. Over time, being on here and speaking with people with so many different backgrounds, lives, beliefs, etc. has been a huge influence on me in terms of spirituality. This site, and my dread journey, has shown me who I really am. I spent all of my life being too scared to explore who I am or express who I am because I was scared people would laugh at me or whatever. My beliefs haven't changed much, but even simple things like taste in music, clothing style, etc. has evolved, and I feel much happier. I think I've been able to express myself more because of the confidence boost that having dreads has given me. Let's face it, if you can walk around with ridiculously messy hair, you can learn not to care what negative opinions people have. So here's a few pictures of the journey so far:

One week. You can see the wax, the grey-ish parts:

Day 9:

Day 26. This has to be the worst messy stage of dreadlocks anyone has ever had ever:

These two are from around 7 months:

10 months:

One year:

Two years (my favourite pictures of my dreads so far, love them):

And a comparison from the front. First pic is from a week old, second pic is...I don't know, some time this month:

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,585 posts

wow what an improvement

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
Laura Earle
5 years ago
233 posts

Congrats! :) Mine have helped me with the journey to self-acceptance as well. The one-year mark is coming up, and sometimes I'll think back to all the time I spent on my hair in years past and wince a bit -- I'll never get that time back! >.< Oh well. You live and you learn.

la Renarde
5 years ago
54 posts

Happy dreadiversary Tara! Your dreadlocks are beautiful, just as you are. Love.

Tara C
5 years ago
645 posts

Thanks everyone :)

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