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Sticky Hair

5 years ago
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I just showered and I noticed that my hair feels kind of sticky at the roots in most of my head. My hair has felt kind of strange since I began washing with Bronner's. I wash almost everyday with a bucket and cold water, I apply the soap straight onto my scalp. I've only been doing that cause my scalp kinda smells but my dreads don't. I started with this like on Friday? Is that what's happening? Or am I washing too often? I do rinse after I've washed out the Bronner's, just with water though. I rinsed with vinegar on Friday-Sunday but I didn't today. I don't leave the vinegar on for long just like 5 seconds and I rinse out with water .Am I not rinsing correctly?

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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u got hard water im betting so stop using bri[onners when u use it u dilure at least 12 times more water then sokap right/ but if u got hard water even 40-1 isnt enough u need

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