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Purification for my locs??

Kimberly Eve
5 years ago
59 posts
Hi all! Recently, I have had a hard time in this life. My marriage is difficult, I am unmotivated, and I have fallen back into some very bad habits. Pretty much the only things that are okay for me right now are my son and my locs.I know that dreadlocks can store energy and our experiences. I want a fresh start to my life. I don't want all the negative energy that has been around me lately kept in my locs. Is there a way I could somehow purify/spiritually cleanse them? I wash with the nag champa and occasionally goddess. The only essential oils I have on hand are tea tree and rosewood. I don't have much money to spend on anything else right now.What should I do?Thanks for reading and thanks for your help :)
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,322 posts

smudge with sage

the sage cedar and sweetgrass shampoo mighgt be worth trying too but not sure its the same as a smudge

sage cedar and sweetgrass are used to purify a sweat lodge b4 a sweat cerimony sage and cedar dispell negative energy while sweetgrass brings in possitive energy

iat a gathering on the 4th the energy can be incredibly intece ive seen ppl holding up a huge generator crystal and literaly vibrating with energy overwhelmed by it .convulsing and a healer would just smudge them and they would just sink to thier knees falling into a calm medatative state

another thing im not sure is feasable but crystals are purified by being burried in sea salt when you get a new crystal especialy a big generator and your unsure of the sourse its common to put it in a bowl burried in sea salt a few days to cleanse the energies

sage depending o where u live might be easily wildcrafted

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the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

I am sorry to hear about your past shitty times. The only positive thing about that is it makes us stronger, makes us who we are. We do get through it all and become a better person because of it. Although I am not into crystals myself, I have heard much about them. Do you have a necklace with one on it? You could attach that into your dreads for awhile. Try sitting on the floor, put on some drum chants or music, lite an incense, close your eyes, relax and let the beating of the drums take you away, let them purify your soul.

Your dreads will teach you much along the journey, you will become more at peace, believe me. You will make new history that will be recorded in them, in their growth.

It is hard to know why things happen, but they do. I was once married before and that certainly did not turn out well at all, and yes, I had a child at the time. Just by being here you have the power to learn how to channel the negativity in your life. I did not back them. But, things happen for a good reason. The other day I celebrated my 22nd wedding anniversary with my husband, my second marriage. I embrace everything I went through before I met him, it made me the person he fell in love with and still loves.

Right now your marriage is difficult and you are back into bad habits. Perhaps it is time to cleanse your life and your soul. You have a long beautiful life ahead of you that you deserve, so embrace it, take a long hard look at how you can change things to make you happier. The road might be hard at first but it will be worth it. Become at peace with yourself and know that you deserve a happy life, we all do. Surround yourself with good people only, ones that are good on the inside. I learned many moons ago what type of people I don't want to be around, and since that time I have been at peace with myself and life. It sometimes takes big steps. I've a very mean spirited sister who I love as a sister but hate as a person. I don't go anywhere with her anymore because of her dark vibes, she was the one thing in my life that ate me away. I have no guilt with my decision because I now lead a happy life, hers is still dark and lonely and I was not able to help her and stopped trying. YOU have control over YOU, only you do. We get many curve balls, just gotta learn how to swing with them.....all the best to you, may you find the happiness you deserve :) peace

5 years ago
359 posts

Peace to you sister. What you need will come to you, keep your heart and mind open. The information will come to you. I know that from experience. I was at one time holding alot of negativity and fear etc, and in a meditation, I was focusing on losing it, and I visualised it leaving me, I didnt choose the visualisation, I witnessed it, all of the negativity left me, through the crown of my head, it looked like black sooty smoke, that was over ten years ago, and I have not felt that negativity ever since. Keep searching there are souls and guides looking after us all the time. Peace.

Kimberly Eve
5 years ago
59 posts
Just wanted to update that we smudged our house and ourselves with sage. I also got the sage and cedar and sweet grass shampoo bar which is lovely and I have a new bead with some crystals in my hair. :) Much love everyone.
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