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Free form.

5 years ago
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ok i have been letting my dreads freeform just starting the fifth month. and well ive been washing my hair 2-3 days with the dread soap bar. and i was wondering. since i want it to truly free form. is it a necessity to pull apart the dreads that stick together after i shower?

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Jayke Watson
5 years ago
118 posts
If you're happy to take the extra caution involved with fat dreads then it's not required at all but just know what you're getting into :) peace
Kim Brisebois
5 years ago
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you need to separate dreads if you don't want them to become a huge congo. And after shower is an excellent time to separate your dreads because it hurts less.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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no its not nesacary but recomended if u dont want huge dreads though some get away with it

if yiu totaky freeform with no seperation u have no control and u might end up with 1 single massive dread

nothing wrong with that except it can be a bitch to care for

if its your choice to let go of all control then just let em be any way they want to be

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the Barrellady
5 years ago
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You get to control the size of your dreads. We recommended one inch or smaller where the section of hair meets the scalp. This is only due to drying times, once mature, this size can take 24 hours to fully dry. Any sections larger than this can take days to dry inside the inner core of the dread and need to dry out in between washes or mold can set in. People who grow fat dreads know the special care needed, like not swimming every day...they must dry out.

Dreads will always want to join onto each other, even mature dreadlocks. So you just gently rip them apart unless you want them to join. Only do it when necessary, otherwise let them be. Some need to do it weekly, some monthly, you will know what's needed for yours.

If you are using products from www.dreadlockshampoo, the liquid form is a locking up liquid which helps quicken the journey. But both bar and shampoo keep them nice and clean.

Gary, you are still truly free form if you separate your dreads, so don't worry about that part at all. Enjoy the rest of your ride...peace

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