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Help with Timeline photos?

5 years ago
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I night I looked through all my pictures on my phone and realized I have made SO much progress since the beginning. I thought that I should make a timeline, I lovee creeping though peoples timelines and photos to see their progress :3 However, since I send my pictures to my email, and save them from my email to my computer, the pictures are always GARGANTUAN sized. Anything I can to to make them less massive? Thanks. Peace!

updated by @corielaine: 01/13/15 09:56:13PM
5 years ago
174 posts

No ideas anyone?? :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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bigs fine but u can use any image editor to resize

in paint even

but photoshops better

step 1

crop- crop out any excess so the subject (you) fills most of the useable space

step 2 resixze in pfotosiop click image adjust size u can reduce to a px or % value make sure constrain propportions is checked

step 3 (optional but suggested)

save for the web instead of save

this alows you to adjust compressuion without losing too much clarity to decrease the file size

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5 years ago
174 posts

Thank you! Unfortunately I don't have a photo editor or paint however :/

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