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Finally a Dreadhead!

Emily Storey
5 years ago
12 posts

Hey fellow Dreadheads :)

I thought I'd share with you my most recent blog post about my dreads... pretty much sums up every reason I have for doing them!

This is how they looked on their first day:

I finally took the plunge and thought, 'Hashtag YOLO, let's just go the whole hog and hope I don't look too ridiculous'. I've wanted to dread my hair since forever (well early high school but that does seem like a life time ago) but to be honest I never really thought I'd pluck up the courage to do it. It's not that I've always tried to blend in, far from it, I've always liked to do my own thing. However, for some reason doing anything crazy with my hair has been something I have been worried about being judged on.
I worked out recently that this was mostly to do with the fear of not being considered 'attractive'; that because so many have people have warned me that I won't suit dreads or they look dirty or just plain awful, I started to think, 'Well maybe they're right. Maybe if I change my hair I'll all of a sudden turn into some hideous monster that no one will ever love ever again and I'll have to become some crazy-cat-lady-spinster who is forever alone.' When in actual fact, that is just THEIR opinion (the not liking dreads thing, not necessarily the crazy-cat-lady bit) which of course, they are fully entitled to. I, on the other hand, have always loved dreadlocks. If I see someone rocking dreads I will literally fall in love with them on sight (no exaggeration, ask my friends) and have always thought of it as a really beautiful and individual hairstyle.
This is my most recent dread pic!
Most of the above realisation came to me during a conversation with a friend whilst travelling, when discussing how society has conditioned us to think that looking a certain way is attractive, whilst everyone else becomes completely undesirable. It attempts to impress on us an ideal way to look and boxes us off into categories. Short skirts, long blonde hair, fake tan etc etc are a big yes, whilst dreadlocks, baggys jeans and facial piercings are a big no-no. Now I'm not suggesting that if you want to have the blonde and bronzed look there is anything at all wrong with it - I'm merely suggesting that if that's not how you want to look, don't just to it because society says you should. I know plenty of people who find their other half more attractive without make-up and dressed down anyway.
I finally made the decision to progress from my 11 hidden dreads to a full set due to meeting a guy in a hostel in Zagreb, who was just as infatuated with the hairstyle as me. I'd never met someone else who has as much love for dreads as I do, whose first question wasn't, 'Have you thought about how you're going to take them out?', but rather, 'They look incredible, when are you going to do the rest?!'. I know it sounds silly, but that was literally all it took and my mind was set. I think far too often people are scared to do what they want to do with their lives because they feel like they'll be the only one to think that their choices are the right ones. That they'll be alone in their decisions and it'll be difficult to find any support. But if I've learned anything from that accidental meeting, it's that sometimes you'll find people you can really relate to completely by chance, in the strangest places and at the most unexpected times. And really, if the decision is right for you, who cares what anybody else thinks? Also it turns out that after all my worrying, aside from a few exceptions, almost all of my friends and family admitted they actually quite like the do, or can at least tolerate it.
My friends Aimee and Pete actually HELPED to finish off the last couple.

For me, dreads are more than just a hairstyle. They're a lifestyle choice that allows me to express myself, despite the stigma which can come with it and I'm just really pleased that with a little encouragement, I've finally been able to carry it out. In today's society I don't think there's enough emphasis on the importance of being yourself, so I hope I can at least do my little bit to spread word that it's OK just to be you. Judging people is for losers, so who cares what anybody else thinks?

Thanks for reading, peace out :) x

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Tara C
5 years ago
645 posts

Completely agree with you :) most of my initial reason (but not all) for wanting dreads was shallow, I liked how they looked and seemed easy, etc. But it's amazing how quickly it becomes more than that and it teaches you so many things, about patience, self-confidence, and about who you are. Glad you made that discovery and decided to take the journey.

the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

Nice you had friends help you, what a great time to bond more. They look great....peace

Emily Storey
5 years ago
12 posts

Thanks a lot! Happy dreading x

5 years ago
122 posts
I agree with you 100%. I have to always loved dreads and wanted them but was afraid how I'd look with them. I am just starting my 4th month and couldn't be happier and excited for the end result as well. My only problem, not that I care, is that my husband doesn't like them at all...(not just on me but the look as a whole) but hey.... neither do my kids. I asked him before I started if he'd mind as a courtesy and he said it's my hair to do what I want, so I did. I was a cocktail waitress for many years and it wasn't acceptable. I have since stopped working and decided is time for me to have what I want! Thanks for your story, I was so able to relate. Good luck on your journey!
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,179 posts

we were total oposite when i wanted to dread i didnt care at all how it looked oir how arttractive it was but id already had wild crazy hair for years and had too much attraction usually lol

but you said u fell in love with dreads everytime u sqw someone (ok i expect an orgy to break out now that your on this site with all us beautiful dreadies) so if you were so attracted to dreads dont u think many others are as well?

oh and you forgot to mention the boob jobs the media hs alotta idiots acting like bigger idiots around big boobs and showing no interest in the a cup crowd wich makes many women spend tens of thousands to get bigger boobs only then to have to hide em in extra strewngth bras to keep them from hurting when they bounce and they get back and neck pain from carying around the weight..and even tho societey and the media makes u think biggers better in reality a-b-c looks alot better

i knew a guy whod almost crash his car then pull over to hit on the most hideos creatures just because of breast size (likeraly hunch backed old ladies who had to use a walker due to thier enormousness saggy breasts that were hanging so low thier pants were pulled up ocer thier nipples (or if not "tucked in" hung below the waistline)

ok tht was rambling haha srry the point is ..society has no clue whats really attractive..or gooid for you so push ppl to be way too skinny work out to an insane degree.. shave off every "unwanted hair" cake on the makeup remove a rib to look skinnier (farrah faucet did that) cut open your body to suck out fat only to re-inject it somewhere else (who remember the woman that wanted a ghetto booty and had a unliscenced plastic suergeon ingect expoxy glue, cement, and a host of other crap that dont belong in the body into her ass that made her look like a mutant deformed freak...just long enough for the crap in her ass to kill her)

aparently dozens have died from ilegal butt enhancements but this was the 1 i remembered

was that attractive enough to be worth dying for?

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the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

Attraction is in the eye of the beholder. I have an attraction to inner beauty, to a persons soul and personality and happiness. If a person has a beautiful soul, they radiate and make others happy, make me happy...and I want to be surrounded by those people only. Everyone with a beautiful soul are the most beautiful people on the face of the earth!

Angel Frye
5 years ago
409 posts

Then again, you've still got to deal with the people in your life who SWEAR that you allowed your hair to lock up just to SPITE them. Like they are the end all of happiness in your world. *sigh*

Really, I think that whatever makes a person happy is what they should do. We're all on a journey. Not one of us is spared from it. We are not truly individual, we are a massive human consciousness and if we can learn to respect that others are on their own little 'individual' journey then we can be much more patient and tolerant of everyone's eccentricities.

Emily Storey
5 years ago
12 posts

I totally agree! Everyone is on a journey and I can't understand how it can be another persons place to judge what a person chooses to do with there's, especially when there is no 'right' path to take.

SE - I hadn't thought about how other people must be attracted to dreads too... It's funny how logic works sometimes eh? Though I can't say I totally agree with your views on boobs - I don't see the point in boob jobs but as a woman who is cursed with a rather large set I tend not to care whether people are big all small. Everyone is beautiful in their own right anyway :)

Heidi - I know what you mean about fashion and pop culture, it's really sad that people can be so blind to what really matters in life, though I think we're all guilty of allowing ourselves to be consumed by it every once in a while.

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