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Wedding Dreads

Angel Frye
5 years ago
409 posts

I know, Tara! Right? I wish more people would write directions.

updated by @angel-frye: 07/23/15 03:47:40AM
Candace Horner
5 years ago
5 posts

^_^ thanks everyone... and @ Tara and Angel.. the way it's woven like that is... i face my head down looking at the floor and evenly space my dreads around my head so that they are divided where i want the center of the spiral. I then just begin twisting the dreads in a circle.. grabbing only a couple at a time, like you would with a french braid.. but working my way out instead of downward. If you try to grab all of one side at a time it will look lopsided and chunky.. only grab like two or three per twist. It will get bigger and bigger as you work around and around. you can, depending on what your end looks like.. tuck it or secure it with a bobby pin or two. hope this helps!!

Edit* also.. don't twist too tight. just a light twist (one wrist turn should be plenty)

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