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5 years ago
75 posts

I'm officially 6 months down the neglect road. I'm loving it but I was wondering about the dreading process in general. I haven't seen any noticeable progress in the past 2 months, maybe even 3. Is it normal to have a lull in progress? or should I try to investigate why I haven't had much progress lately? My hair' pretty long, down to my shoulders I guess. Grows really fast too, maybe 8 or 9 inches a year.

I'm just wanna make sure since I tried neglect last year with much shorter hair and I had less but much knottier soon-to-be baby dreads in 1/2 the time (I also used hot water and my hair was frizzy as heck which probably contributed to the knottier dreads and not to mention much itchier scalp)

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Tara C
5 years ago
645 posts

Probably just not as noticeable. Your hair is always changing, just sometimes you're looking often enough that you can't see it because it's so little. Mind you, a few of my dreads I've noticed have completely paused, but then started dreading again (usually the ends), so maybe it's just that they're dreading in a different area that you can't see. Either way, it doesn't sound like anything to worry about at all :)

5 years ago
337 posts

You wont notice all the changes. After all, you see your hair every day. It will still be changing though. Keep some pictures of your journey, If you aren't already.

5 years ago
46 posts

I've noticed this with myself too. But people seem to be convinced my hair is full on dreaded. So I guess it just that were getting used to looking at it

the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

Hi there, like the others said, unnoticeable changes can still be happening for you. If they are not going backwards in their journey, don't worry about a thing right now. I had that happen to me at about 8 months in, I was sure mine stopped. I colored one section lighter than the rest to pay attention to it, and sure enough, it was slowly changing, tightening up. Give it another month and you might notice again. Just in case you don't know, washing more often dreads the hair faster, even if you just wet it. Make sure it dries before bed though. Hang in there, you will probably have a huge spurt soon.......peace

5 years ago
75 posts

Alright, thanks for all the responses. just wanted to make sure

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