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Will be working at a get them or not?

Gabriela Gonzalez
5 years ago
2 posts

Hey everyone. So i just finished school to be a medical interpreter for spanish speaking patients. I will be applying in a couple weeks to different hospitals. I have had dreadlocks for 5 months in the past but i ruined them with wax because i didnt do my research. So now that my hair is long enough i want to start them again, however i will be working at a hospital and i dont know if i will even be considered for a job with my dreads.

I have already considered the fact that i can wear them in a bun but maybe that even wont be "appropriate" for them. What do you guys think? Im torn between a good fulfilling job and a dreadlock journey :(

any feedback is appreciated!

your honest opinion will not hurt my feelings lol just saying :)

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Tara C
5 years ago
645 posts

I don't see why it wouldn't be appropriate. They'll be kept clean, and they can be tied back so they're not all over the place. They actually look amazingly neat when they're tied back, so that might help you out a lot, just don't tie them back too tightly. People in all sorts of jobs have dreads.

5 years ago
334 posts

I wouldn't tie back baby dread. Get a plain black tam. It should look pretty neat. Also, make sure that you look very presentable in every other aspect of your appearance. Add that to a professional and polite demeanour and I don't see why you would have an issue, given your future working position.

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