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neglect method journey: 5 months in!

5 years ago
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i'm currently 5 months into this journey of freeforming and i've noticed that some of my locs are thick and some are thin.. will the thick ones become even more thicker?they are still pretty much messy but almost all of my hair are locked, they just need to mature and lock more. but the thing that im a little worried about is that when they'll mature its just gonna be one big congo or something because theres a few places that my hair are just flat on my hair but locked up with 2 dreads... its kinda hard to explain, i'd have to take a picture but in the middle where my hair is going to both dreads, i could just form another one but now its too late.. it kinda feels like a net sort of and i feel like the dreads wont have a "specific" root or something..i have a total of 28 dreads i think.. is that bad? will they look weird and spaced up?
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Kubilay KAPUCU
5 years ago
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I dunno about ur other questions but the number of dreads change from person to person and there is no good or bad an umber of dreads to have! Some have 20 some have 40 some have 60. It changes. The thing which changes is the drying time because with less dreads the dreads u have are thicker so take more time to dry. Hope it helps
5 years ago
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Freeforming is where you let your hair completely take control. It will congo and form any way it wants to. Here is an example of wonderful free form His hair is fabulous. Neglect is where you let your hair knot the way it wants to...but you control the sections by separating. Like Soaring Eagle as a prime example. I think you want more you need to actively separate. That means pulling your dreads apart so that they do not grow together. It is easier to do when your hair is wet. The connecting hairs will break....and that is ok.

I looked at your photos. You wanted to know if your dreads were going to thicken. Yes...oh they are going to get a whole lot fatter. There is a rule of thumb with dreads. The dread will become as thick as the scalp section. So if your scalp section is 1 inch by 1 inch....your dread is going to be that thick. I am not sure how thick your hair is but My hair is very fine and thin so mine do not follow that rule. Mine will never be as thick as my section.

28 dreads is a good number. Just enough to fill in all the gaps :D I normally recommend at least 30 for people doing TnR or backcombing. But with neglect...more babies are gonna pop up anyway :D

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