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Taming Frizzies

Ahmed Ayman
5 years ago
1 posts
Hello everyonelately my dreads are getting surrounded by so many frizzies that its getting really messy up there. I have been dreading for about a year and a half now using the neglect method, basically the only thing i have been doing to my hair for the past year and a half is washing it. I used organic shampoos until recently i changed to a shampoo that claims to be organic, its called the body shop"rainforest balance" shampoo. Iam not sure if its causing all the frizzies or not.Anyway i need some advice on things to do to prevent or at least control the frizzies on my dreads. I will not buy any dreadlocks specific products because they dont work. i just need some advice on steps to take to solve my issue. I also want to know if aloe is any good and if it is then how do i use it?
updated by @ahmed-ayman: 01/13/15 09:55:52PM
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