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Washing hair

John Monk
5 years ago
4 posts

I haven't combed my hair in about 2-3 months but I've washed it about once a week with body wash/shampoo. My hair has started to knot up so to speak. what should i start using instead of that? should i just use the baking soda and essential oil rinse with a light acv rinse after? would you recommend using sea salt to accelerate locking? I'm mixed, black and white, but my hair is more African American texture

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Laura Earle
5 years ago
233 posts

As far as I know, the BS/ACV method is recommended for everyone! You can read more about it here --

Lots of people use a sea salt spray as well. I don't recall the exact ration of salt to water I use offhand, but I think most people on here use a solution that's 3.5% salt?

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