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I never thought....

Moon Raven
5 years ago
32 posts

I'd be complaining about having soft hair! lol

My 3rd. week into "Dreads" or I should say trying to achieve natural dreads & my hair is still as soft as a baby's behind.

I've done the BS without the ACV rinse & I look like a dandelion that is ready to release its seeds to the world. Today I did a lemon juice rinse instead of the bs rinse in hopes that the lemon juice will take some of the softness out.

I do realize that its only been 3 wks & part of this process is learning how to accept the slow & natural progression of ones hair deciding to dread. I do have a few back comb dreads though.

Does anyone know or heard of a person that their hair just refused to dread?

I just had to let off some steam & figured you all would understand. 8D


Moon Raven.

updated by @moon-raven: 01/13/15 09:55:50PM
5 years ago
836 posts

Have you tried a sea salt spray? Put a spoonful of sea salt in a spray bottle. Mix with water. Spray on hair about 2 hours before you wash. Worked wonders for me :D

5 years ago
174 posts

my dreads are almost a year old and my left bangs have not one knot :)

5 years ago
108 posts

I'm 3 years in and I have lots of undreaded areas... I had super fine soft hair too, it took over a year before they started tightening up, patience and not worrying really is key. But if I could offer some advice stop looking in the mirror every day and start looking once a month :)

Kinda like the ol saying a watched pot never boils...

Good luck, hang in there, dreads don't come till they know you really want them :)

Baba Fats
5 years ago
2,730 posts

Take a look at Ixchel's pics. She kept a pretty good timeline of her progress. Even around month 8, her hair looked pretty much still straight. She didn't see much progress for the first year. I, myself didn't see any progress for the entire firs year. So at 3 months, you aren't actually taking any longer than normal.

And NEVER use lemon juice in your hair. Lemon and lime juice is citric acid. While not strong on the scale of top 6 strong acids, it's more than harsh enough to seep into your hair shaft and break down your hair from the inside out. People use lemon juice to lighten their hair, and that lightening is how the damage first manifests itself.

The sea salt spray is a good way to help promote knotting. But again, only use it no more than 1-2 hours before you wash them. Leaving it in long term actually over dries your hair and scalp causing itchieness, and brittle/weak hair

Tara C
5 years ago
645 posts

Sea salt spray might help, but like Baba Fats said, you want to wash it out after a while because it can cause issues then.

It's funny, a lot of my dreads are very dry. It annoys me because soft dreads always look amazing, but mine look very harsh (and feel it in a lot of cases). But my undreaded hair is remarkably soft. I'd like a nice balance between the two lol. Anyway, yeah, all hair dreads, but if your hair is super-soft and super-straight, it might take a bit longer than someone with massively curly, dryer hair. But you will most definitely still see progress and dreads will form! Three weeks really is not a long time at all.

Moon Raven
5 years ago
32 posts

Thanks all for the replies. 8-) I have tried the sea salt/ water spray once But will give it a try again.

I thought my hair would not be so soft & silky since I haven't been using B/S & ACV & nothing else.

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