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Any advice is appreciated :)

Tanky T..
5 years ago
17 posts
That's so motivating to let them do their thing. I have always felt the need to look so prim and proper and have never had the confidence to make a statement with the way I look but now is that time and I'm loving it more everyday. Thank you
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Angel Frye
5 years ago
409 posts

Kym, *smooches!* You said exactly what I feel about my dreads!

And Tanky, if you're gonna do the comb thing I highly advise you do it now before it gets going much more. My first set of locks were eight months along when I decided to comb them out and I cried like a baby for four hours straight. Or was it five. I can't remember. I just remember thinking, "I swear to God and all that is holy that once I get my next set those bitches aren't coming out. EVER!" I had a good reason at the time for brushing them out but I really wish I'd done it months sooner.

I've got a tender scalp, though.

When i've got my hair up you can't even tell I have locks. At all. Really. Seriously! So don't worry about the professional bit. You'll figure it out as you go just what styles look best.

5 years ago
334 posts

You can send pics from your phone. Just email them straight to your dreadlockssite email address and they go straight on your page.

I don't want to puch you into anything, but, again, I am super glad i started over and went natural. It's up to you at the end of the day, but if your dreads are very tight you might want to try and loosen them anyway. TnR should never be too tight as it slows the process.

Tanky T..
5 years ago
17 posts
Call me crazy but I swear I don't have a drread site email, I only have my personal email to sign in with. Have I missed something lol. Thanks for the head up! But ill check around and see if there is something in my registration email
5 years ago
11 posts

Tanky I am tender headed also...the thought of brushes my dreads out makes me cringe. You were brave to do it once.I don't plan on getting rid of mine but if for some reason it came down to that I would probably cry the whole time. When my hair is up you can't tell my hair has just looks bumpy. :-)

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