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butt khan
5 years ago
1 posts

Hi Friends, I am a big fan of Guitar.. Can any one please let me know a great website through which i can make my carrier... just found ... WHat you guys say?

updated by @butt-khan: 01/13/15 09:55:49PM
Ojas Acharya
5 years ago
173 posts

Hi Butt khan, its great to know that you are so much interested in music n guitar... i love music too n i play a few instruments and i sing a little too. i never took any singing lessons or anything. whatever i sing comes straight from the heart cos i know no other way of singing (i am not trained at all). i can play an acoustic guitar. again.. i never went to any class. but i learnt it by observing, imitating n askin others who could play... i have been takin tabla lesons from a guru who comes to my place to teach me. my suggestion to you would be to take proper lessons from a teacher. yes, the internet can teach u a lot of things... totally agreed... however, the knowledge that u will get, personally from a teacher, will be far more valuable and will stay with u for ever. internet is just a one way traffic.... u cant ask or clarify any doubts from ur side.. in case if u are holding ur guitar in a wrong way, if u are not plucking the strings correctly, the internet cant fix it for u... theres no personal interaction that way. a guru will always share certain small simple tricks and techniques which the internet can never teach u. well, if u just wanna get started and want to learn some of the first basic things hen go ahead n get some starter tips from the internet. i wish i could have helped you with the sites but i know none. :( but hopefully u'll get some suggestions from others here. youtube maybe..? i dont know.. good luck bro... it really is a great decision u have taken and stick with it.. practice really hard. music is something that cleanses ur system n soul... peace :)

Kazi Khadka
5 years ago
22 posts

I am also a self taught guitarist...
Most of the things, I learned throgh the software Guitar pro 5 and 5.2, now they've got 6..
I think I don't have to tell you about the website where you can find almost all the guitar tabs and chords and everything about guitar...
But I am searching for a good software where I could compose my music, I could also use guitar pro but I can't read notations and the software is little complicated for me...

Chris C.2
5 years ago
12 posts

I agree with Ojas. I am another self taught guitarist and I have friends that were taught. It felt like they would accomplish 3 months of progress in just one month with a teacher. If you can't get a teacher for any reason, I would suggest youtube. Just youtube tutorials to get the basics down or go to friends who play guitar to give you a quick lesson or two. :] Good luck in learning and hope you'll be a pro one day :)

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