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Should i stop???

Kubilay KAPUCU
5 years ago
76 posts
Thanks! I already use biotin and ill look into the docking shampoo thing :)

CoriElaine said:

dont stop :) There's a vitamin biotin that helps hair grow, ask Barrellady about it sometime, :) I also reccomend Vicki's Lockin' Up Liquid from, it will make your hair go crazy, in all the best ways. :)

updated by @kubilay-kapucu: 07/13/15 09:59:42AM
5 years ago
27 posts
It's really up to you man, I completely understand the feeling of wanting to start as soon as possible. I do want to say this though:I first started dreading when my hair was maybe 5-6 inches where it was longest. In roughly 5-6 months I had almost everything sectioned off decently, and a few little dread babies. I ended up having to comb them out for a job I needed, and while working I continued to grow my hair out down to an inch or two past my shoulders. Long story short I decided to move on from that job and start my dreads back up again. In only 2 months, almost everything is entirely sectioned off really well, and I have maybe 7-8 very solid dreads that are solid and dreaded almost completely from top to bottom. The progress is so much faster it's amazing and awesome, every time I shower I see a decent amount of progress made.Granted yeah, if I didn't get that job I probably would have continued and been happy with them, but starting them the second time with the progress I've been making this time around... I'm a million times happier the second time around with everything than the first time, now that my hair is longer. So I'll say, that yeah, I feel like the journey is much more exciting if you wait for longer hair, but it should work out fine either way so it's really your decision. With longer hair, I've made maybe 3x the amount of progress in 1/3rd the amount of time as I did with shorter hair before, and the results so far as much more fun.
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