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This definitely won't be an easy journey...

Gaby Obregon
5 years ago
6 posts
I started the natural dreading process on the 19th of July. My shampoo should arrive today. Yay! Some people have been very supportive and great. Others, not so much. I've already been told that my hair is going to look "gross" or "nasty" or "dirty". I've even had people tell me that my hair is going to look "ugly like a black persons". Can you believe that?! Some people have tried to give me suggestions and told me to check out knottyboys lol I always knew dreads were misunderstood but now that I'm actually doing them, I REALLY know that they are. I've always gotten negative comments or thoughts because of my piercings or because I'm a 20yr old single mom of two. Why not just add another thing for people to hate?! :D ... Just a rant..
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Nicole Schaefer
5 years ago
71 posts

do you mama. People are going to have a problem with most anything you do!The beauty of loving yourself is ignoring all that and dreadlocks definitely help you love yourself :)

Tara C
5 years ago
645 posts

It must be annoying, I haven't experienced much hate over my dreads, really. But we know that dreads are better when clean and wax-free, so no need to bother caring about misinformed or shallow people say.

Gaby Obregon
5 years ago
6 posts
I seriously feel like a broken record when I try to educate people on the little that I know about dreads. I live in Oklahoma so there are definitely a lot of closed minded and old fashioned people everywhere I go. But I'm really excited about getting my dreads! So who cares what they say!
Moon Raven
5 years ago
32 posts

Ignore the people that will not understand, explain to those that have an open mind to learning the truth about dreads & most importantly hold your head high & be proud that you are doing what you want, at least concerning your dreads, & not hurting a single soul by doing so.


Moon Raven.

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