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Would you buy dreadlock hats/tams/bands made from organic or recycled fibres?

Jade Newman
5 years ago
2 posts

Hi all, I've been a member of the site for around 6 months and it's been an amazing place to learn. I've found out so much info from you all and I'm happy to say my 3 year old dreads are looking better than ever. I've now got a request for some information back, kinda market research if you will.

I currently have a little UK shop selling beads but am looking to expand into making hand crocheted tams, hats and headbands but instead of making them out of cheap acrylic yarn, I wanted to make them out of something more eco-friendly and unique. (But this would make them a little more expensive than off-the-shelf products)

There's an amazing UK company called Ethnic Craftswho make yarn out of recycled cotton, silk, saris and even organic fibres such as banana fibre and hemp. Before I dished out on a load of yarns I wanted to know if anyone would actually buy one? If you could answer the following questions in replies I'd be so grateful. By answering, please don't feel like you'd HAVE to buy one of my hats (if I do make them), I'm not trying to persuade anyone to buy one I'd just really appreciate the feedback and find out if there's enough of a market out there.

Thanks guys! (on to the questions)

Have you or would you actively search for a dread accessory made from organic fibres?

Would you be more likely to buy an accessory if you knew that the products use to make it were eco-friendly / recycled material?

Would you prefer the item to be handmade?

Is it important to know the origins of materials in the products you buy? (i.e fabric, yarn, woods etc)

What price would you be willing to pay for an organic hat?
Less than $20 (13) / Between $21 - $40 (14-26) / over $41 (27)

Would you be willing to buy from the UK and pay nominal worldwide shipping (around $9 (5.50)) or would you expect shipping to be free?

Any feedback on this topic would be absolutely wonderful and will hopefully sway me to buy some yarn and get crocheting!

Peace :-)

Jade (Airria)

updated by @jade-newman: 01/13/15 09:55:46PM
5 years ago
836 posts

I think it is a wonderful Idea. I wish you lots of luck. 1) all of my head pieces are from organic fibers. So yes it is important. It is something that I look for. 2) I shop for recycled stuff. 3)I prefer handmade. 4) It is important to know that it is socially and environmentally i don't have to know exactly where it came from...I just wanna know that no children wove the fabric with bloody fingers and no forests were destroyed or animals killed. 5&6) I think the most i have paid for a hat was $40. I would be willing to pay shipping of $9 if I really wanted something.

Emily Storey
5 years ago
12 posts
yes to all! I would spend more than 20 on an accessory and I live in the uk so I'm not much help on the shipping front! good luck :)
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