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~ Light Faerie's Dreads ~ 6 months

Light Faerie ~
5 years ago
34 posts

Greetings beautiful people!

I find this web to be the perfect opportunity to share my dread journey with anyone who is interested. I'm also doing this mainly for myself; to be able to look back and notice the big changes in my dreads & myself alike.

Let's gooo.

I've always been fascinated with dreads - they are unique and I see them as sacred and rebellious... Rebellion, that was just one of the reasons why I was drawn to dreadlocks, yet this is the very reason why I was also indecisive about this commitment.

I didn't concern myself with the rest of society, in fact I wanted to rebel! However, mostly my family & their acceptance is the issue here.. Blah blah, it doesn't matter. It's just hair; I love dreads.

~ * ~ *~ *~*~ * ~ *~ *~*~ * ~ *~ *~*~ * ~ *~ *~*~ * ~ *~ *~*~

I began my journey sometime in Jan-Feb (something like that). I initially began with about 5 dreads using the backcomb method, they were supposed to be "temporary" until I decided for sure I was going to do this. (I recommend this actually for those that are unsure). Of course weeks passed and I still had my dreads. I actually even kept adding more of them in.

I also want to add that THANKS to this website, I have chosen the neglect method in continuing my dreading process. This is way better, I get lazy anyway.

One of the first pics I found of when I just started dreading. Look at my silky hair. Who knew it would become this naughty;

I look super white here. It's the cam. Shh.

~ * ~ *~ *~*~ * ~ *~ *~*~ * ~ *~ *~*~ * ~ *~ *~*

Some CLOSE ups:

I think this one down there was so cute - a wittle baby dwead forming naturally in the back ~ V-V

. . . awwww. . .

~ * ~ *~ *~*~ * ~ *~ *~*~ * ~ *~ *~*~ * ~ *~ *~*~ * ~ *~ *~*~

This one on the bottom is my favorite dread!! It's silly how I wrapped it. I tried to get rid of the crazy shape.

How could I do such a thing?! ;o Well all of my wraps are out at the moment (except the one my friend did for me).

~ * ~ *~ *~*~ * ~ *~ *~*~ * ~ *~ *~*~ * ~ *~ *~*~ * ~ *~ *~*~

This picture is just a few weeks into my dreading process (Sorry, this isn't rly in order). I love relaxing and just decorating my dreads. I'm pretty sure the beads & wrappings had an immense effect on the dreading process.


It's a heart! I noticed this when I was at Electric Forest a few weeks ago. 6/28/13

Much (dready) Love to you!!


One of my favorite was the thunderbolt dread on the left. At one point it was wayy zig-zaggier than this. So awesome ~ Priceless! (This was about 3 months ago)


Fast forward to the ~exciting~ loops . . . will ya?!

This picture I just took yesterday ~ 7/17/13

I have been doing the neglect method for probably half of my journey now (so roughly about 3 months). I have allowed the back of my hair to completely form on its own, as well as other parts of my hair that have not been dreaded. I really do prefer the neglect method.

I love the crazy loops, & abnormal shapes of my dreads. They are so lively!!

Even though my hair is crazy, I can still keep it under control! Which is a bonus.


~ Much Love to you Beautiful People!

I love you! I'll catch ya later.

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Ojas Acharya
5 years ago
173 posts

Lookin and lockin very niice!! :)

Kerry LoCo
5 years ago
46 posts

Gorgeous! I love the hair color too.

Light Faerie ~
5 years ago
34 posts

Thank you! Some of my dreads are really flat, but I think they will round up later, right?

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