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dreadlockssite needs your help and donations for a special cause

Jimmy DC
5 years ago
87 posts

Yeaa of course, money comes and goes, i do a bunch of odd jobs to have some cash myself, I haven't been able to get a job yet, but I'm gonna have one year round and while in school hopefully I'll be able to get good grades and make enough to pay, all I need is faith in God and power of will. Helping you and this website grown with a donation of maybe five bucks, just means that next time I go out with friends I won't buy a footlong in subway or something like that, I will make my donation as soon as possible.

soaring eagle said:

wow now thats commitment are u sure?

updated by @jimmy-dc: 07/03/15 04:57:38AM
5 years ago
174 posts

Just donated this morning before work. Anything to keep this site up and going. :) <3

5 years ago
58 posts
Wow, bows the time to donate for sure. Does google changing things have anything to do with not being able to get on here on a pc? Dreadlockssite was blocked starting a few days ago by our forticlient. It said its malicious! Unless you got hacked I don't see that being true at all. I had no clue how much seo cost til now. We can put a banner ad on our blog to help. That seo cost is ridiculous.
5 years ago
58 posts
*nows* autocorrect messed me up. So that calculation, does it include pay pals ridiculous fees? Or are their fees for deposits from PayPal accounts low?
Quinn Earthchild
5 years ago
5 posts

man dreadies are me...i wish i could help you half as much as youve helped me Soaring Eagle! i will contribute as soon as i get a credit card or bank account(damn hippy)

Little Steven
5 years ago
1 posts

got on and saw this, and its a blessing to be able to donate. Blessings SE for all your good work! we have to keep this site up to spread the Truth about the dread, and do our part to send these corporate money junkies packing. Truth is much stronger then fiction, and we are stronger together then divided, so even if its a dollar, give back, donate, sit back and smile.

Blessed love and raspect.

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