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BS with oils vs shampoo bar for baby dreads

5 years ago
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Hey everybody! Here I am looking for some good advice about my dreads again. I am currently torn between whether I want to buy some essential oils to add to my bs wash or if it would be better for me to buy one of the organic shampoo bars that are linked above. I have 1 month old baby dreads (if they can even be called that yet). I have been using bs and water for washing my hair up to this point. The only problem is my hair must be transitioning to my new ways of maintenance because my roots become oily yet is also a bit itchy sometimes, with a slight dandruff problem. Also I really want my hair to smell fresher. So I have been set on improving my shampoo with some tea tree oil and rosemary oil and see how that works out for me. I have browsed the shampoo bars that are availableand there is one that is tea tree and rosemary for pretty much the same price as what it will cost me to buy the oils, which is where the problem of choosing one over the other comes in. Another factor that has me torn is the fact that in about a month from now I will be living on the road for a while, so I wonder if buying a shampoo bar would be easier and more convenient for me than continuing with the bs method. I have been trying to come to a decision for several days now and I would love some advice from any of you experienced dreaders. What do you recommend for my situation and what do you feel is the healthiest option for my hair?

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the Barrellady
5 years ago
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Hi Hayley, I would do the BS wash / ACV rinse for the first while, as it is a no touch method that will not disturb any knotting process. Unless you have scalp issues right now, it is not necessary to add essential oils yet to your wash. The ACV makes the sections of hair nice and soft.

As for bars, if you are looking to purchase from Dreadlock Shampoo, I would go with the liquid form as it is a locking up shampoo. So if you want to use this now to help speed up your journey, do the BS wash / ACV rinse once every 2 or 3 weeks to exfoliate the scalp. With the liquid, put it in your hands rub around your fingers, then with the finger tips you concentrate on the scalp area only. When you rinse out the shampoo, it will run through your sections, cleaning them as it goes. That way you are not disturbing the knotting process.

Bars are great for mature dreads, liquid is great for dreads forming.

So it really depends if you don't want to touch your hair at all, then BS/ACV only. If you want those oils in your hair, then go with the liquid now and do the BS/ACV periodically. Hope this helped.....peace

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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the bars are awesome and easy to travel with but the liquids are better for young dreads and a teateree 1 should be up now or within a week

your hair and scalp wuill be healthier with the shampoos

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

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5 years ago
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Thanks for the advice! I think I will continue with the bs and acv for the next couple of weeks before I am able to order one of the liquid shampoos. Then I can get allthe benefits of the liquid shampoo and keep doing a bs and acv rinse on occasion. I think I am going to try out the Nag Champa, can't wait to see how it smells. I hear good things!

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