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Americore and Bio Diesel Fuel

Jennaleigh Moonflower
5 years ago
14 posts
So ive recently signed up for Americore in the midst of all the hustle and bustle about student loan intrest rates rising. Thankfully obama passed a new bill that will require graduates to only have to pay 10% of our disposable income. This bill will help the fact that our intrest rates doubled. Anyway I have herd great things about Americore and I was wondering if any of you are going through the same ordeal. If anyone has stories about thier experiences please share.The area I am interested in is the environment. Just a thought but I wish I could build a bio diesel fuel plant in my area somehow through this program! I know this particular field is probley not a part of the program because its ran by the state. I can dream. Reardless I forsee my future in manufacuring bio diesel fuel from solar energyTips and pointers from all you free-thinkers are much obliged.Jenna
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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i was an americorps vista (volunteers in service to america or somethung like that)

i worked at libertynet which was a non profit web hostung company we hosted virtualy every non profit site in philly area and we partnered with whyy (public television pbs) to provide practicly free internet as well

i was in charge of managing 200+ volunteer website designers

i loved it

though if your wanting to find that sorta position i would have found the position 1st that used americorps volunteers then signed up otherwise u may end up i8n something completely diferent although they do try to match you with something yoir interested in

just be aware that technicaly yoir on call 24/7 so your not suposed to have any other job nor volunteer for anything else

i did learn alot during that time and although i was working for libertynet i was also doig tech suport for every business and o=rganization in the building

was also nice cause could work from home whenever i didnt have meetings cause my home pc was faster and i got so much more done in less ti=me while watching movies

only job i ever had that i enjoyed and wasnt miserable at

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Jennaleigh Moonflower
5 years ago
14 posts
That sounds like fun especially watching movies! I told them I was into environmental sustainability and renewable energy. I also chose the social work option because I will be graduating in sociology next spring. Hopefully that will give me enough options.I just cant beleive after I finish school its like im retiring into the slavery of the workforce or something. Right now I clean vacant houses for my landlord and basically make my own schedule and this job is off the books. Work is workIts just like all I think about is how I want to live on my own land in my completly sustainable cob house surrouned by my gardens haha. All of this is for that goal
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