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Is this soap good?

5 years ago
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Hello folks,

First of all i want to clarify that im from a city in Argentina where you never get what you are searching so you have to conform with what you find :D , to give you an example , i went to three farmacies asking for an non-residual soap and their reaction was something like : " does that even exist?" , offering me some glycerine soaps, but i have my doubts about it.... so i bought some kind of coconut based soap ( all the dread guys here use to recommend it, but i dont really trust in them, all of them are crochet guys , but as you can see i didnt have too many options ) ...

these are the ingredientes of it:
-sodium tallowate/sodium cocoate
-sodium cocyl
-titanium dioxide
-phosphoric acid
-disodium dystyrylbiphenyl
-etidronic acid

For me , it doesnt sounds that good .. but i was thinking in using it along with ACV method once per week to remove any residual left in my dreads

Thanks for your attention!

PD: just for the record im in the five month of crochet recovery

updated by @amuchastegui: 01/13/15 09:55:16PM
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